Johnson County Community College

Learn how students, faculty, staff and community members have become involved through the JCCC Center for Sustainability. Many student clubs and organizations, sports teams, community members, employees and alumni have given of their time and talents to make our campus more sustainable. See some of the examples of how the JCCC Sustainability Program has made a difference and how people are paying their knowledge forward. 

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Additional Items in the News

  • JCCC Wins National Climate Leadership Award

Citing its commitment to sustainability issues within higher education, the Center for Green Schools at the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC) selected Johnson County Community College for a national Climate Leadership Award.

In partnership with the national nonprofit Second Nature, the USGBC chose JCCC in the category of two-year schools. Arizona State University was recognized in the four-year-school category.

The seventh annual Climate Leadership Awards recognize innovative and advanced leadership in sustainability, climate change mitigation and resilience at college and university campuses that participate in Second Nature’s climate commitments. This year’s recipients show leadership through practices, partnerships and initiatives designed to tackle some of the greatest modern challenges.

Jay Antle, executive director for the Center for Sustainability, said, “This award is a validation for all we do on campus to support sustainability. The (award) reviewers were impressed that we were active in lots of different sectors of sustainability, including student engagement, community engagement, facilities and curriculum…The award is the work of a variety of people in many departments making this campus a more sustainable place.”

  • Interpreter Audrey Weber crochets useful items from Earth Days stash (9/2016)
  • The UPS Foundation U.S. Local Grants 2015 awarded the college a grant to plant an orchard and forest garden to educate students, staff and community volunteers on sustainable food production. (10/2015)