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How Learning Strategies Classes Work

Learning Strategies classes are elective classes that you attend like most elective classes.

The classes are not self-paced, developmental, drop-in, or a resource room format. You receive a letter grade and the class and grade are listed on your transcript as elective credit.

The classes are taught by JCCC instructors who are learning specialists and also teach in other departments at JCCC. You bring your course materials and assignments from your college classes to class, and the instructors assist you in making application of the strategies 
to those materials. You learn a system of strategies that can be adapted for any college class.

Attendance is important because the majority of the class work is done in class. During the fall and spring semesters, the 1 credit hour classes generally run 6 weeks. Classes are offered at the beginning of the semester and midway through the semester. During the summer, the 1 credit classes are offered in 2 week and 3 week formats.