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Academic Achievement Center - Individual Tutoring

As a JCCC student, you can receive weekly individualized tutoring assistance all semester in any or all of your courses free of charge through the Academic Achievement Center (AAC). You can have access for up to 90 minutes a week per course with an individual tutor for the semester.

Through individual, semester-long tutoring sessions each week, you will be taught to:

  • study
  • comprehend material
  • practice and master course material

Although the College works to meet every tutoring request, the ability to meet the request depends on:

  • tutor availability
  • tutor skill level
  • appropriate student response and communication
  • whether a tutor is assigned to a certain course

Individual tutoring is designed to support you weekly during the semester. For drop-in tutoring assistance for a specific need, please visit other resource centers on campus.

Note: If you request a tutor but do not fulfill your obligations, you may become ineligible to receive further tutoring.

For more information about individual tutoring services, please email the Individual Tutor Coordinator.

  • To receive individual tutoring assistance, please fill out the tutor request form. The sooner you submit, the more likely you are to get a priority time slot.
  • Tutoring requests are filled on a first-come, first-served basis in accordance with an individual tutor’s availability and skill level. Tutoring requested later in the semester will be more difficult to fill.
  • If tutoring assistance cannot be provided due to a lack of proficient or available tutors, you will be contacted by the Individual Tutor Coordinator and provided with alternative resources.
  • When you are assigned a tutor, you will be contacted via your student email to set up weekly recurring tutoring times.
  • All communication with your tutor will occur via your student email. See the Student Email Help page for directions on how to access your account.
  • If you do not respond to a tutor’s emails to set up times within one week, you will be considered uninterested in receiving tutoring assistance for that semester.
  • You will work with your tutor to set up mutually agreed-upon times to meet weekly for the entire semester.
  • When you request tutoring for a specific course, it will take several days for the Individual Tutor Coordinator to find a tutor. Please do not expect to receive immediate tutoring assistance after submitting the inquiry form. If you need immediate academic assistance, visit the other resource centers for drop-in tutoring.
  • An opportunity each week to get personalized, one-on-one academic assistance in any course for an entire semester.
  • For all students! Whether you’re struggling to comprehend course material, need an accountability partner or want to maintain good grades, you are eligible to receive tutoring assistance.
  • A great way to learn study skills, such as how to read assignments, study for tests and write better papers.
  • Meant to be used as a one-time form of academic assistance. Please visit the other resource centers for drop-in tutoring for those needs.
  • Offered on a trial basis. To receive this type of service, you must agree to work with tutors for an entire semester.
  • Simply a place to get help completing assignments or papers. Individual tutoring is a service in which you are taught to study, comprehend material, and practice and master course material.
  • An opportunity to complete an assignment due for a class that day.
  • Sporadic or drop in (those services are provided at the AAC and other resource centers).
    • It is designed to happen weekly at a consistent time and place.
    • You should keep your individual tutoring appointment even if you feel you don’t need assistance that week.
    • You can always review coursework and practice problems with your tutor as well as learn new skills to help you with future work.
  • You will come prepared to each tutoring session. Please bring your
    • course materials
    • attempted and/or completed homework. If homework is not attempted prior to the tutoring session, tutoring may be suspended.
    • questions for the tutor
  • The tutor will assist you with understanding course material, but you must complete all course material on your own. You are responsible for your own grade in the course.
  • You must notify the tutor no later than 24 hours before the tutoring session if you need to cancel a tutoring session.
  • Your tutoring services may be suspended if you miss three tutoring sessions during the semester.
  • If your tutoring is suspended, you must meet with the Individual Tutor Coordinator to access individual tutoring services again. Note: If tutoring services are resumed, you may be meeting with a different tutor, depending on availability.

If you have a concern about your current tutoring situation or would like further information about individual tutoring services, please email the Individual Tutor Coordinator.