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Students may use JCCC server space for personal documents. You'll also find the CDTP folder for uploading assignments on the student server.

Before you can use the server, you must enable your student server account using the Student Self-Help Utility. The Student Self-Help Utility also allows you to do some low-level maintenance to your server accounts, such as resetting the password.

Once you've enabled your account, use FileZilla to access the student server from on or off campus using a Windows or Mac computer. If you're on a Windows computer in a lab or classroom on campus, follow these instructions (PDF).

Personal Website for Credit Students

Credit students at JCCC can publish a personal website using their drive space on the student server.

You get 6 GB of network drive space to store personal files, projects and course materials. Only you have access to the contents of your personal drive space, and only you can create, modify or delete any files located there.

The student server supports the use of the PHP scripting language. The student server does not support the use of CGI scripts. You can use any HTML authoring program to create your pages, such as Dreamweaver.