KOPS Advisory Committee

The charge of the KOPS Advisory Committee is to solicit feedback from JCCC constituency groups and facilitate communication with the president's cabinet to provide input for making strategic decisions about safety and security issues.

Committee Members

Alisa Pacer, Co-Chair
Emergency Preparedness Manager

Janelle Vogler, Co-Chair
Executive Director, Audit & Advisory Services

Jeff Allen 
Director, Campus Services & Energy Management

Colleen Chandler
Manager, Employee Relations

Tom Clayton
Director, Insurance & Risk Management

Lenora Cook
Dean, Healthcare Professionals & Wellness

Brett Cooper
Assistant Professor, Math Resource Center

Leanna Graham
Adjunct Associate Professor, Reading

Farrell Jenab
Faculty Development Coordinator

Jimmy Keaton
Sergeant, Police Department

Myrna Khatri 
Administrative Assistant, Emergency Preparedness

Paul Kyle
Dean, Student Services/Success

Mary Anne Matos
Administrative Assistant, Marketing

Rick Moehring
Dean, Learner Engagement/Success

Leslie Multer
Administrative Assistant, CC Sales and Marketing

Bob Potemski 
Event Manager, Performance Venues

Matthew Schmeer
Professor English

Irene Schmidt, alternate
Adjunct Professor, Foreign Language

Betsy Schwab
Administrative Assistant, Police Department

Mike Stithem
Operations Director, OHEC

Donny Whitton
Student Representative