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About Counseling

JCCC's counseling faculty members are here to help you reach your educational and career goals and are dedicated to ensuring your academic success.

Jamelle Blunt came to the college thinking he'd become a physical therapist, until he met with a JCCC counselor and chose a new career path. Watch his story, then explore the following ways that a counselor can help you.

Information and Advice

We want to help you with your academic success. We can help you with the following academic terms and tools:

  • Academic Calendar, Dates and Deadlines - Understanding the dates and deadlines along with the academic calendar can provide advantages regarding when to enroll, early and late start classes, bookstore sales and buyback, scholarships and more. 
  • Assessment Testing - Learn more about your assessment test and how the test results will help you with your academic success.
  • Choose or Change Your Major - We can help you make more informed decisions about your major and what will work best with your transfer options.
  • Check Graduation Status and Degree Requirements - Learn how to use DegreeCheck to help you plan for your next decision.
  • Class Search Schedule - Learn how to use the class search to build your schedule for enrollment each semester.
  • Course Delivery Methods - Learn which course delivery methods – such as classroom, online, hybrid, self-paced or TV – work best for you and your learning style.
  • Credit Course Catalog - Review your degree and certificate options, including course descriptions and prerequisites, by using the credit course catalog.
  • Transfer Process - Learn what general education (gen ed) courses are needed for your transfer process.

Concerns about Classes and Grades

If you have trouble with your classes and grades or are on probation or suspension, we would like to help you. Our academic counselors can help you make the most informed decisions. Some of the tools that we have available to help you with your academic concerns include:

  • DegreeCheck is an unofficial audit of your coursework to determine whether you are on track for graduation. It matches your academic history against your degree or certificate requirements in the college catalog. The report generated displays requirements that have been met and those that are remaining.
  • GPA Calculator can help estimate your current GPA.  
  • Time management is essential to your success, and we have tools and advice to help you. 
  • The student resource centers offer free tutoring on campus in subjects such as math, science, writing, foreign languages and accounting. For subjects not listed on the tutors page, students may always contact us or their professors or the appropriate department offices to find assistance.

Academic Holds

If you have one of the following holds on your account, we can help you.

  • English and Reading Classes - If your test scores determine that developmental English and reading will help you, you will need to meet with a counselor before you enroll.
  • Academic Probation - If you are on academic probation, you will need to meet with a counselor to be reinstated so that you can enroll.
  • Suspension - If you are a returning student after being placed on suspension, you will also need to meet with a counselor before you can enroll.

Strategies for Student Success

Stay Connected and Get Involved - We offer many opportunities to get involved and connect with others on campus and in other countries. Here are a few examples:

  • JCCC has more than 80 student clubs and organizations.
  • Get involved with student activities and watch for their schedule of events.
  • Attend a student senate meeting or join the organization.
  • Check the schedule for our athletic programs.
  • Study abroad for a semester.
  • Find out about service-learning and civic honors.
  • Become an employee on campus.
  • Join the honors club.
  • Participate in the Cavalier Leadership Development Program.