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Student Lounge (COM 322)

The Student Lounge in COM 322 serves several purposes for students looking to engage or study with other students at Johnson County Community College. 

The Student Lounge is an invigorating atmosphere which gives students the ability to interact with others through video games, board games, card games, or tabletop games. The Lounge is also a great social atmosphere to engage in conversations with friends and to make new friends. 

The Campus Center next door to the lounge is a quiet room for students to study either in groups or individually. This room contains three smaller group study rooms separated from the main room. Students who are interested in studying may check out a laptop at the desk. The Campus Center also houses several events weekly, including JCCC2theMAX events, for students interested in becoming involved and getting to know others who have similar interest. If you are interested in reserving a study room, please contact the Student Engagement Ambassadors at 913-469-8500, ext. 2601.

All current students are encouraged to visit The Lounge and Campus Center!

Ideas and Suggestions for the Student Lounge

If you have comments or concerns while using the student lounge you may speak to the Student Engagement Ambassadors, use the suggestion box located in the lounge center, attend monthly SLAP meetings, or email Leila Jacobs, Student Life Coordinator.

Your Responsibilities While Using the Student Lounge

Contact Student Lounge

Location: COM 322

Student Life Coordinator,
Leila Jacobs
COM 311
913-469-8500 ext. 2604

Fri. 8-5

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