Guidelines for Incomplete Grade Contracts

A grade of ”I” is given only under extenuating circumstances and if the semester withdrawal date has already passed. It shall not be given to you in any course except to indicate that some part of the work has, for good reason, not been done, while the rest has been satisfactorily completed. (You must have a passing grade at the time of the request.) Repeating past assignments/labs is not permitted.

Incomplete contracts must be completed in compliance with the JCCC guidelines.

An instructor is not required or obligated to grant you an incomplete grade. If you are unable to complete the contract, the instructor has the authority to let the grade lapse to an F or change the “I” back to the designated grade.

A secondary instructor may also agree to the terms of the contract incomplete. In the event that the primary instructor is unable to complete the contract the secondary instructor will take over the contract. 

How to initiate a contract incomplete:

Prepare to meet with your instructor:

  • You should plan to meet with your instructor as soon as the problem develops. If possible you should meet before the last day to drop the course because that may be the option you need to take.
  • Gather documentation of “good reason.”  This could be medical notes, police report of car accident, etc.
  • Gather papers and assignments completed for the course that shows you have completed a majority of the work in a satisfactory manner.
  • Create a potential plan for completing necessary work. This should include a timeframe as to when you will complete the work. The timeframe must be within the maximum set in the college policy.
  • Remember, you are asking an instructor to extend the timeframe of the course, as well as asking him/her to take on extra work because you were unable to complete the work assigned to you. You should understand that the faculty will need to review your request based on equity for all students in the course and if they are able to accommodate the work necessary for you to complete the outstanding work with them.

Meet with your instructor:

  • Call or email to set up an appointment. A quick conversation after class is inappropriate.
  • Bring your prepared materials to the meeting.

Follow through:

  • It is your responsibility to complete the work assigned, so don't put it off.
  • Although you are not officially enrolled, you should consider the incomplete course as a course that you are "currently" taking.  This is important for managing your time, workload and resources.
  • Check to make sure your grade shows up once you have completed your contract.

Note to the Faculty

You must complete the following form to initiate a contract incomplete:

Contract Incomplete Grade Form

  • Get the from from the division office and fill out the information.
  • You and the student must sign the form.
  • Return the form to the division office

The deadline is earlier than the end of the semester so that the records office can update the grades (this must be done by hand) before the busy rush at the end of the semester. If you need to wait until the end of the semester (such as for a lab practical exam) this can still be done, but we will need to let records know to expect a delayed grade change.

There is also an option for a contract incomplete extension for one semester, which is a separate form that must be submitted to the records office. You would need to provide an explanation why the incomplete deadline should be extended for another semester.

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