Reading - Online Classes

Online classes (also referred to as "distance learning") are classes in which a personal computer and an Internet connection take the place of the traditional on-campus classroom.

The Reading Department offers RDG 126 and RDG 127 in online and hybrid formats. See Course Delivery Methods for more information.

How online classes work:

  • You take classes with a computer instead of in a classroom with a professor and other students at scheduled times.
  • You communicate with your instructor and your classmates using a tool called ANGEL. You receive your coursework (syllabus, assignments, course calendar, quizzes, tests, etc.) by logging onto ANGEL, and you transmit your completed assignments the same way. 
  • Important: Each professor will have his or her own procedures for submitting assignments, taking tests and how often you need to communicate with them. You need to carefully follow the instructions provided by your instructor.

While online classes provide a tremendous amount of flexibility, they are not self-paced. Online courses have deadlines just like regular classes, and professors monitor how often and for how long you log on. If you do not access the course by a specific date set by the professor, you will be dropped from the class.

Enrolling in an online class:

The enrollment process is the same as for traditional classes, and the same prerequisites apply. However, online classes tend to fill up very quickly, and we strongly advise you to enroll early. The reading Department does not grant waivers for additional enrollment once a course has been filled. For instructions on how to access course materials in ANGEL, see How Distance Learning Works from the Distance Learning department.