Quick Step: Earn college credits while you are in high school

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If you are a high school sophomore, junior or senior (or 9th grader on a gifted IEP) you can earn college credit at JCCC during the summer, fall or spring semesters. JCCC's Quick Step program is ideal for committed and motivated high school students.

Classes are offered spring, summer and fall.

Quick Step Plus College Algebra

Quick Step, or on-campus concurrent enrollment also includes classes taught by a JCCC instructor at one of our outreach locations or online. Local school districts determine whether you may also earn high school credit for on-campus concurrent enrollment courses.

Quick Step: Earn college credits while in high school

Why Quick Step?

  • Affordable tuition rates.
  • Complete college courses that count toward one of JCCC's associate degrees or certification programs.
  • Complete university transfer courses.
  • Complete technical courses.
  • Experience college-level courses and workload before attending college as a full-time student.
  • Experience a college environment and interacting with a diverse student body.
  • Broadened educational opportunities.
  • Increase depth of study.
  • Accelerate of attainment of educational goals.

High School Partnership Scholarship

For students in the JCCC College Now, Quick Step and Career Pathways programs.

Metcalf Bank Scholarship

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