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Psychology is a broad discipline with many subfields. Its focus of study ranges from looking at how biology influences our behavior and thought to how social contexts influence and change our behavior and thinking. As a scientific discipline it uses a variety of research methods, including controlled experiments, to observe and tentatively explain psychological processes. Sometimes animals are used to infer human behavior. While not uncommon to at first think that psychology is all about studying psychological disorders, a student of psychology quickly learns that research psychologists seek to test hypotheses in many diverse areas such as learning, intelligence, human development, motivation, and much more. Psychologists also test the big questions such as “the body-mind-consciousness” relation or how cultural factors influence who we are as individuals. JCCC’s faculty brings to psychology diverse backgrounds to look at these various questions.

Our psychology department teaches a wide spectrum of courses. There are many sections of Introduction to Psychology. Others courses include child and human development, social psychology, health psychology, personality, educational psychology, applied psychology, environmental psychology, research methods, and of course, Freud’s favorite, human sexuality.  Many of JCCC courses are taught either F-2-F or online and have honor options.

Psychology is a great discipline to help you to expand your understanding of people and to develop the analytical and critical thinking skills necessary for many careers in the 21st century. To learn more about psychology as a career, read Conversations with Faculty.

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