Using Television Recordings

Using recorded television programs comes with it's own special set of rules.

Television programs are copyright protected materials. You may record and use television programs in your classroom for educational (not entertainment) purposes, in accordance with the following guidelines:

  • You should ask TV Services to record the television program you wish to use in your classroom, rather than recording the television program yourself.
  • You can only show the recorded television program during the first 10 consecutive school days after it is made and only in your classroom (you can show it to several classes, however).
  • You can make a limited number of copies, but each copy is subject to the provisions governing the original.
  • The recording of the television program may not be altered or edited in any way and must include the copyright notice from the broadcast version of the program.
  • After the 10-day use period expires, the recording of the television program may only be used for evaluation - to help you determine whether you want to buy or license it for further use. The recording of the television program must be destroyed not later than 45 calendar days after it was made. If you want to keep using the recording after the 45 day period, you must ask permission from the copyright owner