Student Disciplinary Action - 319.02

Johnson County Community College
Series 300: Students
Section 319: Student Rights and Responsibilities

Operating Procedure: Student Disciplinary Action - 319.02


The purpose of this policy is to set forth the reasons for which the college may impose a disciplinary action on a student and to define the nature of such disciplinary actions that may be taken.

Reasons for Student Disciplinary Action:

No student shall violate any provision of college policy 319.01-Student Code of Conduct adopted or approved by the Board of Trustees.

Disciplinary actions may be imposed upon any student found to be in violation of the Student Code of Conduct or if it is determined that a student has not acted in the best interest of other students, faculty, staff, or the college as a whole.  Such disciplinary actions shall include but are not limited to the actions stated in this policy below.  The college shall determine the appropriate disciplinary action(s) based on the type and severity of behavior or violation committed.  It is not required for the college to follow the listed disciplinary actions in any order or sequence.

Types of Disciplinary Actions:

  1. Warning: An opportunity for a student to be given a clear directive, written or verbal, to change/modify behavior in lieu of an official disciplinary action being imposed.
  2. Probation: A period of time during which the privilege of continuing in student status is conditional. The conditions may include, but are not limited to, loss of privileges to which a current student would otherwise be entitled, and an acknowledgment by the student that any additional violations of the Student Code of Conduct may result in more serious sanctions.
  3. Suspension: Separation of the student from student status from a class, a program, a college activity or event, or any college-owned, college-operated, or college utilized facility for a definite period of time, after which the student is eligible to return. Conditions for readmission may be specified.
  4. Emergency Suspension: The vice president of Student Services & Engagement or designated party may immediately impose an emergency suspension in the event that a student’s continued presence in a class, program, activity or event, or on any college-owned, college-operated, or college-utilized facility poses a significant danger to themselves or others, and/or there is reasonable cause to believe that such an emergency suspension is required to protect lives or property and to insure the maintenance of order.
  5. Expulsion: Permanent separation of the student from student status from a class, program, activity, event, or any college-owned, college-operated, or college-utilized facility.

Procedures for Filing and Review of a Student Disciplinary Complaint

The president of the college shall be responsible for establishing and maintaining appropriate procedures for the filing of a complaint against a student for disciplinary reasons, and for the review and determination of action regarding the complaint so filed. (See Operating Procedures 319.02)

Date of Adoption:
Revised: 5/26/93, 6/16/94, 2/15/01, 5/19/05, 1/18/07, 8/18/2011