Operating Procedure 216.02 - Same Day Travel

This operating procedure may be affected by updates effective July 1, 2014.

Johnson County Community College
Series 200: Administrative Services
Section 216: Travel and Reimbursement of Expenses

Board Policy: Same Day Travel - 216.02

The following procedures are enacted in accordance with Board Policy 216.02-Same Day Travel.

Same Day Travel Definition:

Same day travel is any college related travel which does not include an overnight stay. As an example, an early morning flight to St Louis, Missouri, with a same day return, is considered Same Day Travel.

Procedure for Reimbursement of Same Day Travel Mileage and Meeting Expenditures

Use the Out-of-pocket Expense Reimbursement Request when requesting reimbursement for the following same day travel expenditures:

  • Private auto mileage and/or meeting expenses incurred during performance of college related job duties, during day trips where there is no overnight stay. Mileage for each trip should be separately shown by date.
  • Meetings hosted on behalf of the college. Each meeting should be reported separately, giving the location of the meeting, the name of the organization, the individuals attending, and their business affiliation.

Reimbursement for private auto mileage incurred for same day travel will be computed at the currently established Board of Trustees approved rate using the lesser of:

  • The mileage from the employee’s JCCC work location and the site of the meeting; or
  • The mileage from the employee’s home and the site of the meeting (if traveling from home).

In no case will the college reimburse the employee for mileage to and from the employee’s home to the employee’s JCCC work location.

Cost of traffic violations incurred through use of personal vehicles, college owned vehicles, or leased vehicles is the responsibility of the traveler, and is not reimbursable by the college.

Procedure for Reimbursement of Other Same Day Travel Expenditures

a.   Non-Meal Expenditures:

Other same day travel reimbursement will be processed in a manner consistent with reimbursement for overnight travel expenditures as stated in Operating Procedure 216.03-Overnight Travel, except for same day meal expenditures which shall be reimbursed in accordance with b. Meal Expenditures below.

b. Meal Expenditures:

All requests for same day travel meal reimbursements must include a listing of the name and affiliation of each person for whom a meal was purchased, as well as, a brief description of the purpose of the meal which clearly justifies the reimbursement as a business expense of the college.

All meal reimbursements must have a clear business purpose directly related to JCCC and must be furnished in conjunction with JCCC business matters which have been discussed before, during and after the meal. Under normal circumstances same day travel meal reimbursements will not be made for the following:

  • Holiday luncheons, dinners, etc.
  • Staff appreciation luncheons, dinners, etc.
  • Meals which include only JCCC staff
  • Meals which are not expressly for the convenience of the college


Requests for Same Day travel reimbursement should be submitted not less frequently than monthly.


Signature on File in Policy Office

Terry A. Calaway                 5/24/11