Candidate Travel and Reimbursement - 216.04

This operating procedure may be affected by updates effective July 1, 2014.

Johnson County Community College
Series 200: Administrative Services
Section 216: Travel and Reimbursement of Expenses

Board Policy: Candidate Travel and Reimbursement - 216.04

Candidate Reimbursement Procedures:
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Step 1 Prior to inviting a candidate to campus from out of town for an interview, the interview committee will conduct a phone screening interview of the candidates selected to be considered for the position under consideration.  Any exception to this must be approved in advance by the appropriate division administrator and the Executive Vice President, Human Resources, Workforce & Community Development.
Step 2 Following the phone interviews of all candidates under consideration, the interviewing committee chair will work with the hiring supervisor to determine if one or more out-of-town candidates are to be invited to campus for interview.  Prior to inviting candidate to campus complete Part I of the Candidate Reimbursement form including securing of appropriate signatures. The interviewing department shall contact the out-of-town candidate to invite him/her to campus for interview.
Step 3 Part II of the Application for Candidate Reimbursement form should be completed after the interview and candidate has completed W-9 form and submitted any required receipts.  Send the completed form and attachments for processing to Human Resources, GEB 274, Box 46.
General Rules The college will only reimburse one-half of any actual eligible travel expenses.

Mileage, air fare, and/or other transportation costs will not be reimbursed if the candidate’s point of origin is within a 50 mile radius of the college.

Only candidates whose point of origin is outside of a 100 mile radius from the campus qualify for a college-paid overnight stay.

Eligible travel reimbursement and per diem allowance shall be paid to the candidate in the form of a college reimbursement check issued to the candidate. Such payment will be made after the completion of the interview and upon submission of the appropriate approved Application for Candidate Reimbursement form and required documentation.

If a candidate from out-of-town is hired for the position, the college will reimburse the remaining half of air fare/mileage travel expenses for that selected candidate. This reimbursement will be paid to the selected candidate after hiring approved by the Board of Trustees and after the employee’s employment starting date. These expenses should be submitted on an Out-Pocket-Expense Reimbursement Request form and submitted to Human Resources, GEB 274, Box 46.

Any exceptions to these procedures must be made in writing by the Executive Vice President, Human Resources, Workforce & Community Development.

Listed below is the information/process for each mode of transportation and travel expense eligible for JCCC reimbursement.
Air Fare One-half of the actual air coach fare to and from Kansas City International airport will be reimbursed. The interviewing department staff will provide an air coach fare quote made with at least a 21 day advance purchase. The candidate shall be responsible for booking the flight arrangements, and shall provide the college with an original copy of the travel itinerary from the airline showing the flight schedule and flight cost.  This information will serve as documentation for reimbursement.
Mileage for Driving One-half of the actual mileage will be reimbursed and shall not be more than one-half of the quoted coach air fare amount.  A coach air fare quote is to be provided along with mileage documentation from an online map site for reimbursement.  Mileage for use of the candidate's auto shall be the same as the IRS standard mileage reimbursement rate in use by the college on the date of the trip.
Hotel A room for up to two nights shall be provided by the college through pre-arranged, direct billing to the college at a hotel of the college’s choice. The interviewing department staff shall be responsible for making the hotel reservations and mentioning that it will be a "direct bill" when reservation is made.  Only candidates whose point of origin is outside of a 100 mile radius from the campus qualify for a college-paid overnight stay.

a.  Candlewood Suites (913-469-5557)  or
b. Holtze Executive Village (913-344-8100)

Shuttle Service Ground transportation to and from the Kansas City International airport shall be provided by the college and pre-arranged by the interviewing department with a transportation service designated by the college. The interviewing department shall be responsible for arranging and providing transportation for the candidate between the college campus and the hotel.

a. Quicksilver Enterprises (913-262-0905), reservations should be 24 hours in advance. Reference should be made to contract #1159  and mentioning that it is a "direct bill" to the college when reservation is made.

Rental Car A candidate may take responsibility for a rental car upon arrival at the Kansas City International airport, but if such transportation is used the reimbursement shall be no more than one-half of the actual total amount of the standard base level of car rental available on days of travel.
Per Diem Allowance A per diem allowance for meals and incidental expenses shall be provided to the candidate, in accordance with the college’s out-of-district travel policies and procedures.  A maximum per diem allowance of up to a total of $33.75 per day for days in transit and $45.00 for the interviewing day shall be provided.  If a candidate has travel and an interview on the same day, the transit day allowance of $33.75 shall apply.  Incidental expenses include, but are not limited to, items such as snacks, hot and cold beverages, candy, gum, newspapers, magazines, meal tips, and transportation expenses to and from restaurants.

Reimbursement will not be made for any alcoholic beverages. Personal items including but not limited to laundry, dry cleaning, movies and any other personal services or items are not reimbursable and must be paid by the candidate.


Signature on file in Policy Office
Terry A. Calaway, President