Appendix - Naming of College Facilities for Individuals - 217.05a

Johnson County Community College
Series 200: Board of Trustees Bylaws
Section 217: Facilities

  1. Recommendations for the naming of a facility are to be submitted to the Director of the Foundation by February 1 using the Nomination for Facilities Naming form (PDF).
  2. The endorsement of one trustee or two Foundation Board members is required on the form.
  3. The Foundation Executive Board will appoint a seven member Facilities Naming Committee to evaluate the nominations. The Facilities Naming Committee will consist of: one member of the Board of Trustees, two Foundation Board members, one member of the Faculty Association, one member of the Student Senate, one member of the Office Professionals League, and one administrative appointee of the college president.
  4. The committee will provide a report on the risks and benefits associated with the potential naming of a facility. This report will include the perspectives of the college president, executive vice presidents and vice presidents, information on the costs related to the implementation and maintenance of the signage, and potential sources of funding to cover these costs.
  5. The Facilities Naming Committee will make an informal report to the Board of Trustees to test their receptivity and to protect, to the best of its ability, the confidentiality of the recommended or rejected nominee. Based on the informal response of the trustees, as communicated to the Facilities Naming Committee by the chair of the trustees, the Facilities Naming Committee may, or may not, make a formal recommendation to the Board of Trustees on the naming of a facility.
  6. A report on all nominations, and if necessary, a recommendation for the naming of a facility, will be due to the Board of Trustees at the September trustee meeting under the Committee Reports section of the agenda.
  7. The Facilities Naming Committee may submit an "emergency" recommendation to name a facility prior to the September meeting in order to accommodate the unique circumstances of a major donor.

Date of Adoption: 12/08/99