Photo Stories 2014

    April, 2014

  • Egg-cellent Farm

    Two JCCC professors raise free-range chickens

    Published On: 04/14/14

  • You asked, JCCC listened

    Fall 2014 online enrollment opens at 9 p.m. April 23

    Published On: 04/14/14

  • La Mejor!

    JCCC professor earns “Best in Kansas” honors

    Published On: 04/14/14

  • Earth Days

    Plant, swap, eat, think at JCCC Earth Days April 18-25

    Published On: 04/14/14

  • All-Kansas Academic Team

    Two very different JCCC honor students make prestigious list of Kansas scholars

    Published On: 04/14/14

  • Creating your brand

    Shawn Polowniak

    President of KC creative firm shares his vision for marketing your true self

    Published On: 04/07/14

  • Lobbying for color

    Kathryn Grube

    Interior design professor studies effects of wall color on learning

    Published On: 04/07/14

  • JCCC’s caffeine trifecta

    Coffee Bars

    Campus coffee bars are convenient places for great cuppa joe

    Published On: 04/07/14

  • HITECH possibilities

    Health Information Systems Degree

    Technology, health care and business combine in latest associate’s degree

    Published On: 04/07/14

  • Praise for second chances

    Sadik Rahic

    High school salutatorian stumbled at university but excels at JCCC

    Published On: 04/07/14

  • March, 2014

  • Who’s our next caller?

    Call Center Operator

    Students take over answering phones to welcome every caller to JCCC

    Published On: 03/31/14

  • Science under the stars

    Evening with the Stars

    Learn about black holes, view night sky in free program April 5

    Published On: 03/31/14

  • Have suitcase, will volunteer

    Jerry Robins

    Jerry Robbins gives his Saturdays to be the go-to guy for CLEAR program

    Published On: 03/31/14

  • Helping guide entrepreneurial spirit

    Stephanie Landis

    New business consultant transformed from JCCC client to JCCC employee

    Published On: 03/31/14

  • Exchanging history

    Sarah Boyle

    JCCC history department reinvigorates instructor exchange with KU

    Published On: 03/31/14

  • V-Day reading benefits charities

    See A Memory, A Monologue, A Rant and a Prayer March 29

    Published On: 03/24/14

  • Let’s go to the movies

    Take 5 film festival features cool stuff; register to attend by March 28

    Published On: 03/24/14

  • Using talents, making a difference

    Student Jeremy Higgins designs skateboard decks for American Indian tribes

    Published On: 03/24/14

  • Rethinking resources

    Printer consolidation in CE

    How something as simple as a question can save $17,000

    Published On: 03/17/14

  • NATEF Noticed

    Ed Hensley

    JCCC’s Ed Hensley wins national automotive tech instructor award

    Published On: 03/17/14

  • Picking dessert first

    Emily Allen

    Alumna turned adjunct instructor values trying the ‘fun’ classes, since she did

    Published On: 03/17/14

  • Rock star to rocket scientist

    Attend Adam Steltzner’s ‘How Curiosity Changed My Life’ March 27

    Published On: 03/17/14

  • Driving for success

    New truck driving training help graduates reach goals; next session starts soon

    Published On: 03/17/14

  • Walking with L and C

    Trustees David Lindstrom and Jerry Cook trek the scenic byways of Kansas

    Trustees trek the scenic byways of Kansas

    Published On: 03/10/14

  • Finding more ways to help

    JCCC welcomes parliamentarian from Uganda, discusses increasing service learning there

    Published On: 03/10/14

  • Working on the (animated) railroad

    Animation students intern for BNSF’s media services

    Published On: 03/10/14

  • Keeton Could

    Professor and lead teacher Sally Keeton came back to JCCC – and just kept going

    Published On: 03/10/14

  • Revved up and ready to go

    Automotive student can pursue his passion thanks to President’s Scholarship

    Published On: 03/10/14

  • Seeing sacred sites

    Beebe Bahrami

    Author to speak about pilgrimages in Europe

    Published On: 03/03/14

  • Archeology made exciting

    Ann Raab

    JCCC prof Ann Raab presents “"Finding Your Inner Indiana Jones" March 12

    Published On: 03/03/14

  • Triple threat

    Mary Anne Matos

    She started as a volunteer, then became a student and now works at JCCC, too

    Published On: 03/03/14

  • Transforming ideas to reality

    CAD department

    Learn computer-aided drafting and design at JCCC

    Published On: 03/03/14

  • Miss Johnson County

    Miss Johnson County Meagan Johnson

    First-ever pageant winner awarded $1,200 scholarship from JCCC Foundation

    Published On: 03/03/14

  • February, 2014

  • Meeting the academic challenge

    Academic Excellence Challenge Team

    Quiz bowl team qualifies for national tournament this week

    Published On: 02/24/14

  • Dining with purpose

    International dinner

    Want to enjoy great food and help fund scholarships? Attend the international dinner

    Published On: 02/24/14

  • Movie was the motivation

    Deb Williams

    JCCC science professor walks famous pilgrimage in spiritual “adventur-cation”

    Published On: 02/24/14

  • Small scholars, big impact

    HCDC accreditation

    Hiersteiner Child Development Center gets all As on its accreditation report card

    Published On: 02/24/14

  • It only takes a spark

    Aaron Fitzgerald

    From chemistry to sustainability to journalism, Aaron Fitzgerald enjoys it all

    Published On: 02/24/14

  • Well on her way

    Kate Keegan

    Kate Keegan’s goal of being neonatal ICU nurse is fast approaching, thanks to Quick Step

    Published On: 02/17/14

  • Help for nurses and patients

    Practical nursing

    Learn practical nursing and other health occupations at JCCC

    Published On: 02/17/14

  • National tournament returns

    NJCAA 2014 Division II Women's National Championship

    Women’s basketball championship comes to JCCC, where it began

    Published On: 02/17/14

  • Role of the rivers

    KSI River Talk

    Are rivers prized for natural beauty or industrial capacity? JCCC professor discusses Feb. 27

    Published On: 02/17/14

  • Horticultural Sciences Day

    Horticultural sciences field day

    Events Feb. 21-22 share how to grow food in urban setting, keeping pests at bay

    Published On: 02/17/14

  • Learn fine arts at JCCC

    Fine arts

    Students learn a range of fine arts at JCCC.

    Published On: 02/10/14

  • Farmer Dave makes food fun

    Farmer Dave Smith

    Hospitality professor David Smith wants to revolutionize how kids view veggies

    Published On: 02/10/14

  • Making good choices

    Willie Mays Aikens

    On Feb. 18, former Royals player Willie Mays Aikens shares his struggles with substance abuse

    Published On: 02/10/14

  • Bridging cultures

    Chinese art

    JCCC hosts National Endowment for the Humanities workshop on Chinese art, culture, identity

    Published On: 02/10/14

  • Turning her life around

    Gaelyn McGhee

    After getting her GED, honors student Gaelyn McGhee is on a promising path

    Published On: 02/10/14

  • Learn architecture at JCCC

    Learn Architecture

    Architecture is a union of the practical with the aesthetic.

    Published On: 02/03/14

  • Beacon in the darkness

    Dementia care certificate

    Certificate program teaches compassionate care for those with dementia, other brain disorders

    Published On: 02/03/14

  • Welcome to JCCC!

    Student welcome desk

    Student welcome desk gets new name, adds second location in Carlsen Center

    Published On: 02/03/14

  • Her Dear Langston

    Carmaletta Williams

    English professor has published her second book on Langston Hughes

    Published On: 02/03/14

  • Harnessing the power of the sun

    Las Pintas project

    Las Pintas solar water heater project

    Published On: 02/02/14

  • January, 2014

  • A Career You Can Sink Your Teeth Into

    Pat Walters

    Teacher, researcher credits JCCC for life’s path

    Published On: 01/27/14

  • Opening the doors to possibilities

    Jon Roberts CAD storefronts

    JCCC students find success in drafting and design

    Published On: 01/27/14

  • Follow them anywhere

    Office of Outcomes Assessment

    Office of Outcomes Assessment joins blogosphere and Twitterverse

    Published On: 01/27/14

  • Activity-based costing

    Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation grant

    Gates Foundation asks national institute at JCCC how much college costs

    Published On: 01/27/14

  • Back on the Board

    Bob Drummond

    Bob Drummond fills trustee vacancy, believing in promise of higher ed

    Published On: 01/27/14

  • A great place to start

    Josh Thrutchley

    “JCCC is a great place with great professors”

    Published On: 01/20/14

  • Jazz Winterlude

    Jazz Winterlude

    Celebrate jazz with international artists, local musicians, movie and more

    Published On: 01/20/14

  • Economic forecast

    Polsky presentation of Tim Carlin

    What will the economy do in 2014? Polsky Series speaker predicts

    Published On: 01/20/14

  • Info for incoming students, parents

    Decided Days

    If you've chosen to be a Cavalier, come to Decision Days

    Published On: 01/20/14

  • Saving the buffalo

    Buffalo King

    Friday film, talkback panel will discuss conservationist Scotty Philip

    Published On: 01/15/14

  • Ready for College Now?

    Lindsay Reed

    In high school, Lindsay Reed learned to be a college student

    Published On: 01/13/14

  • Virtual computers, instant job

    David Boldt

    Certificate completion leads David Boldt to lightning-fast job offer

    Published On: 01/13/14

  • 3-D Voluminous Vessel

    The 3-D Voluminous Vessel

    Calculus students design drinking glass using drafting’s 3-D printer

    Published On: 01/13/14

  • Welcome Week 2014

    Welcome Week

    Free coffee and hot chocolate, fun games kick off spring semester

    Published On: 01/13/14

  • Finding something better

    Vicente Silva

    Student Vicente Silva leaves violent gang life for automotive future

    Published On: 01/13/14

  • Trustee Lee Cross

    Lee Cross

    Parents, local lawmakers sparked desire to serve

    Published On: 01/06/14

  • Opening the door

    Admissions Trio

    These three women want you to get the most from JCCC

    Published On: 01/06/14

  • Tasting Her Dream

    Culinary job shadowing

    Amani Daoud’s dreams of studying culinary arts after high school

    Published On: 01/06/14

  • There is an app for that

    Check out JCCC’s new mobile app!

    Published On: 01/06/14

  • Journey of Determination

    Akot Arech

    Sudan native Akot Arech will graduate with gratitude for JCCC

    Published On: 01/06/14

  • Perpetual Stories

  • Leaves of Learning

    Colorful display is just one way science teacher Barry Herron conveys chemistry