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Spring registration now open

Register now for your Spring 2015 classes! Even though classes don't begin until Jan. 20, don’t wait until the 11th hour to think about what classes work best for you come January. Putting in a little extra time now will pay off later. Preparing for enrollment will help you choose classes that meet degree requirements and best fit your schedule.

Three planning tips for spring 2015 enrollment

Visit with your counselor, if needed

Review class offerings and schedules

  • Make a note of CRN numbers for easy registration entry.
  • Choose several class options and times in case your first choice isn’t available.

Apply now to enroll soon

  • Students who have never attended or have not attended JCCC in the past two years must apply for admission before enrolling in a class. Apply online now. It’s easy.

Have questions about enrollment? Contact the Student Success Center at 913-469-3803, email or complete the form below.