Apply: Jean Claude plus three

Why choose JCCC?

Once you’ve narrowed your college choices, it’s now time to apply. There’s no application fee and the online application makes the process easy.

Don’t think you have time to complete the application once you start? Don’t worry. Start your application and pause it as needed until you’re ready to submit.

Dare to compare. That’s all we ask.

JCCC Doesn’t Break the Bank

  • A college education provides a solid foundation for future careers, but as most of us know the road to success carries with it a substantial price tag. JCCC offers the value of quality education at an affordable cost.
  • JCCC offers merit-based, need-based and departmental specific scholarships.
  • Federal aid packages as well as on- and off-campus jobs also lessen the financial burden for JCCC students.

What JCCC Does For You Now

Success-based learning is a given at JCCC, and it includes experiences outside the classroom, such as internships and study abroad opportunities.

  • JCCC’s support services and resource centers provide tutoring, supplementary content materials and various other resources.

What JCCC Does For You Later

This is our commitment. This is your future.

Apply online now. It’s easy. Once your application is processed, you’ll be well on your way to changing your life through learning at JCCC!

If you still have questions about JCCC before you apply, contact the Student Success Center at 913-469-3803, email or complete the form below.