Welcome Center

Come for a visit!

Johnson County Community College is a big place, and it can seem even bigger when you’re a prospective student visiting campus for the first time.

But the JCCC student recruitment team is aiming to scale that first impression down to a more hospitable size with a move into the new Welcome Center in room 107 of the Carlsen Center, just steps away from the front doors of the iconic campus building.

The student recruitment team has never had a space of their own on campus, and their previous home on the third floor of the Student Center required visitors to conduct a do-it-yourself campus tour just to find the recruitment office. Now, the office is easily accessible to the hundreds of folks who tour the campus each year.

With a private entrance and parking nearby, the Welcome Center is easy to find. Its high top tables and relaxing chairs help visitors feel right at home and the flexible space can be set up for presentations for groups of 10 to 30 people.

That’s important, because lots of groups are expected to make their way through the Welcome Center. Every week, student ambassadors known as the Cav Leaders provide 10 campus tours for visiting students and their families – once every school day morning and once every afternoon. Each tour starts with a 30-minute admission-information session and incorporates a visit with a faculty member if possible.

Twice a week, on Tuesdays and Thursdays, JCCC hosts high school groups of 10 to 40 students who share a common trait. One time, they might all be sophomores. The next they might be English Language Learners, or students from a federally funded Gear Up program designed to assist economically disadvantaged students achieve a college education.

Such visits include an admissions session, as well as a financial aid presentation and a visit with a faculty member. Again, the Welcome Center is the perfect size for these group visits.

With a student-staffed Welcome Desk in the Carlsen Center lobby, the Welcome Center is the go-to place when casual campus visitors ask for information about admissions and enrollment.

Previously, the Welcome Center was the Virginia Krebs Community Room, a meeting space used by a variety of campus and community groups. Noting that Krebs helped establish JCCC and was the college’s first employee, Pete Belk, JCCC’s program director of admissions, said, “How better to pay homage to her than to have the space named after her be the first place prospective students see?”

Want to know more about admissions at JCCC? Request a campus tour, or call the Welcome Center at 913-469-8500 ext. 3774.