Pastries and Petals

Pastries and petals

JCCC students are again selling their flour and flower creations from 3-5:30 p.m. every Friday of the academic year in the college’s pastry shop, room 145 of the Office and Classroom Building (OCB).

JCCC’s pastry students spend Thursday and Friday creating fresh pastries to sell. The choices are all in good taste – cakes, tortes, chocolate candies, tarts, éclairs, mousse, cookies, breads and cream puffs.

Meanwhile, floriculture students offer for sale each week unique floral designs, contemporary and traditional, using a variety of fresh seasonal flowers. Floral arrangements vary from week to week showcasing, for example, traditional round, Victorian, vegetative and oriental arrangements. Cost of arrangements, with containers, range from $15-$25.

“I want to give students the experience of running a pastry shop,” said Doug Flick, associate professor, hospitality management, who worked with Lindy Robinson, dean of business, to initiate the pastry certificate program in 2004. The experience means baking, turning the classroom into a full-service pastry shop complete with a refrigerated display case, and hearing the praise from patrons who sample the pastries.

Flick, pastry chef at the former Ritz Carlton, Kansas City, Mo., said there are not enough trained pastry cooks to meet the industry demand. As a result, hotels, restaurants and other eateries are purchasing premade pastries from wholesale vendors.

Floriculture sales allow students to experience a real audience for their designs and understand the business of a flower shop, according to Diana Ryan, adjunct professor, floriculture. Students who earn a floriculture certificate generally plan to work in a flower shop or own their own business.

In turn, Ryan says the public will see different aspects of floral design each week. “The public will come to understand there is a lot more to floral design than a simple centerpiece,” Ryan said.

Ryan says the bakery and flower sales are a perfect fit.

“Flowers are food for the soul,” Ryan said. “Like pastries, flowers are temporary, and enjoying them, even for a short while, makes you feel good.”

For more information about the floriculture club sales, contact Ryan at 913-469-8500, ext. 5483, or by email. Arrangements for a special occasions like birthdays and anniversaries can be pre-ordered no later than the Wednesday before the following Friday by emailing Ryan.

For information about the pastry/baking program, call 913-469-8500, ext. 3250.