Tammy Jensen

Crossroads of Opportunity

When Tammy Jensen received notification that her job would be outsourced, and that she would be training her replacements overseas, she could have been bitter. She could have been angry. Instead, she chose to be proactive.

Jensen enrolled in the web developer program offered through Continuing Education at JCCC. After finishing her certificate in six months, she had a job waiting.

"They wanted me to start even before I had finished classes," she said. "I told them I needed to finish first, and they waited. I was just thrilled that I got a job that fast."

Jensen works at VinSolutions as a web developer. She designs websites for car dealerships across North America.

"I like this job so much better," she said. "It's a lot less stressful. I think it's because I'm doing one thing instead of wearing 15 different hats at one time, like I did with my old job. It was kind of like working in a 'Dilbert' cartoon."

At VinSolutions, Jensen said, the atmosphere is more familial; she mothers her coworkers. Eight of the 10 in her department are male and younger than Jensen, so the role seemed to fit.

She said she wouldn't have the job without returning to JCCC. She attended JCCC "years ago" so to her, it seemed a logical place to return for more training.

"I really enjoyed my time here," Jensen said.

Not that the program wasn't without its challenges. Jensen said she worked hard, especially in Pamela Potter's class. In that course, she wrote code instead of using that old software standby of web designers: Dreamweaver.

"I had always used Dreamweaver whenever I wanted to create pages. But Pamela made us write code. She pushed me. But that has helped me in my new job more than anything, because that's all I do now, all day long!" she said.

Jensen said that after six months at VinSolutions, she got a hefty raise because company appreciated her work ethic.

"Without my time here at JCCC, I don't think I'd be working in a job I love," she said.

For more information about the certificate program, call 913-469-3891 or email.