Rave Alert

Please, please tell me now

If there’s an emergency on campus, how will you know? 

The answer lies in JCCC Alert

This new and improved emergency notification system will quickly deliver information that you need to know. 

JCCC Alert informs students, faculty, staff and other interested people in the community by multiple forms of communication. In an emergency, you may receive this information by some or all of these communication media, based on the incident:

  • Text messages sent to personal cell phones, improved from the previous text-messaging system
  • Messages sent to desktop computers in offices, classrooms and labs on campus (a new addition)
  • Voice announcements via a campus public-address system
  • Postings on JCCC’s website (jccc.edu)
  • Announcements on the digital signs in campus hallways
  • Social media messages (such as Facebook and Twitter)
  • Broadcast emails to all stumail.jccc.edu and employee email accounts
  • Weather-related warning sirens

Alisa Pacer, emergency preparedness manager, said the key to managing an emergency is by early notification and extensive planning. 

“We want this campus to be a safe learning environment, where everyone feels secure,” she said. “The best way to do that is to eliminate as much of the unknown as possible should a potentially hazardous situation arise. We also need to train folks to know what to expect from us.” 

The JCCC Alert system works like this: in the event of an emergency, automated software is utilized to make sure multiple channels of communication are relaying the same basic information to reach as many people in the shortest amount of time possible. The message may be in written text or voice form. 

“In an emergency situation, having an integrated process for notification is critical,” Pacer said. “When emotions are running high, the JCCC Alert system can get the information out there, quickly and systematically to keep them informed.” 

Students, faculty and staff who provided a cell phone number to the college are already included in JCCC Alert. Why? Because the college switched from an opt-in system (where you signed up to receive emergency text messages or phone calls) to an opt-out system (where you now must follow certain steps to be removed from receiving emergency notification). 

“We highly encourage people to stay enrolled,” Pacer said. With this change in philosophy, the number of people receiving emergency text messages is expected to more than double: from 12,000 in 2011-12 to more than 25,000 in 2012-13. 

Concerned community members, such as students’ parents, may also receive emergency updates. The student, staff or faculty member just needs to add numbers to his/her account via the JCCC Alert link located at MyJCCC

Also of note: desktop computers will receive notifications on their screens, should an emergency arise. All JCCC computers, even those in remote locations, should receive notifications. 

“The alert notifications will reach into the classrooms, computer labs and individual workstations to make sure the folks at the computers know what’s going on,” Pacer said. “It’s a great mechanism for an even further reach across campus.” 

Since the system employs all-new technology, testing and training will be important. Pacer said scheduled testing will be ongoing.