JCCC Students

Students return for fall semester

With schedules and books in hand or backpack, JCCC students are returning to campus for the fall semester.

And while learning will be the focus for the next 17 weeks, the year will start out with a week of fun activities designed to help learners get engaged with the campus.

Need directions or a snack on the first couple days of school? There’s a plan for that.

Want to match your major to a career, and tie dye a T-shirt in the process? There’s a plan for that.

Want to get a feel for the clubs and organizations on campus while enjoying music and food? There’s a plan for that, too.

All of the activities are offered in response to research that shows college students who make connections on campus early on are more likely to stay in school and be successful. It’s easier said than done on a commuter campus like JCCC, so Welcome Week is designed with the goal of making connections.

“We really want to give them a connection point the first week,” said Jake Akehurst, manager of student activities and leadership development and one of the Welcome Week organizers. “We want them to say ‘Look at all this stuff the college has to offer.’ ”

Even simple interactions can make an impact. A student may meet a professor handing out maps or giving directions in the hallway, or at one of the Campus Kickoff booths, Akehurst said. That connection may spur the student to look up the professor and see what classes they teach and enroll the next semester.

Here’s the schedule for the week:

Monday and Tuesday, Aug. 20 and 21:

  • Student snack stations. JCCC employees will hand out snack foods at four locations around campus, catching students as they head to or from the parking lots.
  • “Ask me” volunteers. JCCC’s campus can be a bit overwhelming the first day or two, so faculty and staff will be out in force in the hallways and on the sidewalks wearing “Ask Me” buttons. They’re ready to answer simple questions and give directions.
  • Pop culture trivia. This even runs from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. in the Book Buy Back Lounge in the Student Center

Wednesday, Aug. 22

  • Car Wash. A collection of campus groups, from athletics to sustainability, will be offering free car washes from noon to 4 p.m. in the parking lot between the Horticultural Sciences Center and the Police Academy on the west side of campus. Who wouldn’t want to head home from a day of classes with a shiny clean car?

Thursday, Aug. 23

  • Tie Dye T-shirts. JCCC’s Career Development Center invites students to think about the relationship between their major and a career, and then get creative with tie dying. The first 200 students who stop by the Commons Plaza from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. can take a quiz and earn a T-shirt that they’ll then get to tie dye.

Friday, Aug. 24

  • Campus Kickoff: It’s a time-tested kickoff for the year and the capstone for the week. From 10 a.m. to 2 p.m., the Commons Plaza and Fountain square will be rocking with music, food and booths. Students can meet the members of a JCCC club or organization that matches their interests; grab a slice of pizza or a cup of coffee or a snow cone; or check out a four-year transfer school. Or they can ride the mechanical bull (back by popular demand), get their photo taken in a photo booth or grab the microphone for DJ karaoke. All of it is free.
Light up the Lawn concert: Welcome Week ends with a free concert by The Latenight Callers and Victor & Penny at 8 p.m. on the lawn of the Nerman Museum of Contemporary Art. Cosponsored by the museum, the JCCC Performing Arts Series and the Campus Activities Board, the concert is free. Visitors should bring their own seating. Picnic baskets without alcohol are welcome, too.