EMS Program

Accreditation and then some

The paramedic program at JCCC received a perfect score from its accrediting body, securing the program’s 25th year as an accredited program. 

The Committee on Accreditation of Educational Programs for the Emergency Medical Services Professions (CoAEMSP) listed no violations or areas of weakness in the 30-page document listing accreditation standards, and the accreditors who conducted the site visit commented often on the strengths of the program. 

They wrote:

  • “Strong reputation, highly revered by general community served…”
  • “Impressive, modern facility…”
  • “Innovative approach to curriculum and program delivery”
  • “Strong institutional support with interdepartmental cooperation, especially Nursing Simulation Education…” (known on campus as the Healthcare Simulation Center

“We’re incredibly happy,” said Ray Wright, director, emergency medical science. “We work very hard, and the results we received are an acknowledgement to all that hard work.” 

During the 30-year history of the paramedic program, no graduate has failed to pass the certification exam, Wright said. He credited the strong partnership with local paramedic services and hospitals in helping prepare students. 

He also pointed to the importance of simulations to prepare students for real-life emergencies. 

“Simulation is critical to success,” Wright said. 

As part of the site visit, accreditors visited with an emergency-room nurse who mentors paramedic students. She was quoted in their report as saying, “I’d be comforted to know that a graduate of this program were to take care of me in an emergency.” 

To Wright, that comment was the ultimate gold star for his department. 

“Among EMS providers, the greatest compliment you can get is, ‘I would like you to take care of my family in an emergency,’” he said. ‘This was the equivalent of that highest honor.”