Brenda Romo

Choosing the best option

Brenda Romo is a first-generation college student who has her sights set on receiving a bachelor’s degree from a four-year university and eventually a master’s degree. JCCC and the financial aid Romo received are helping her move closer to achieving this dream.

“When I decided to go to college, JCCC was my best option,” Romo said. “It was more affordable to get my general classes here and then transfer to a four-year university. It is the smartest choice I’ve made so far.”

Prior to attending college, Romo worked full time to help her family meet their needs. The financial aid she received from JCCC enabled her to take the first step toward achieving her dream.

“The financial assistance motivates me to do better in school,” Romo said. “I know I have to do well to continue to get scholarships. I really need them.”

Romo remembers her first day at JCCC.

“I was excited, but also a little nervous,” she said. “I found most of the faculty and staff working here always encouraging students and motivating them to do better. I am now very comfortable at JCCC.”

Romo encourages others who feel a little out of place when arriving at JCCC to do what she did – get involved.

“I got involved in Latinos United Now and Always (LUNA), and it helped me a lot,” she said. “It was exciting to get to know all these people in an environment where you don’t know anyone and you are looking to belong to something.”

JCCC counselors and admissions staff were another source of support for Romo.

“Casey Wallace in Admissions has helped me with anything ever since first time I met her on a campus visit,” Romo said. “She makes me feel comfortable and encourages me along the way.

“Gloria Rosso in Counseling also is one who has been there whenever I have questions,” she said. “It was comforting to find someone on campus with a similar background. Gloria helped me understand how to enroll and how to choose my classes. I felt a connection with her because of the culture background. I found myself curious about learning new things.”

Romo continues her involvement on campus and currently is a JCCC Cav Leader, helping other students just as those who helped her when she arrived.

“Faculty and staff at JCCC provide the best environment for you to learn,” she said. “They make learning fun by sharing personal experiences. I want to someday be able to tell other people my story. I want to be an example for others just as my teachers and counselor have been for me.”