Ida Beth Slavin

Dream comes true

IdaBeth Slavin received a double bonus when she decided to attend Johnson County Community College. Slavin received the nursing degree she always dreamed about and her JCCC education prepared her for the work environment. 

“I initially started nursing school when I was 19, but I soon got married and didn’t finish,” Slavin said. “I eventually had children so I stayed home to raise my three daughters.” 

Slavin said she started school again in 2005 at JCCC to “finish the degree I always wanted.” She didn’t look at too many other schools before choosing JCCC because she heard the nursing program was fantastic. 

“I took two years of pre-requisites, and then I applied to the JCCC nursing school,” she said. “I was fortunate to be chosen in the selective admissions process, and I graduated as a registered nurse in 2009.”

When Slavin began her first job, she realized how well JCCC prepared her with the skills necessary to meet the demands of taking care of people. 

“I feel I had as many clinical hours in the JCCC program than any four-year university offers,” Slavin said. “Being able to work in the college’s state-of-the-art simulation lab prepared me to be competent when I went out into the work environment.”

Currently, Slavin is a registered nurse at Truman Medical Center, working primarily in the mother-baby unit. She’s also trained as a nursery nurse and helps out in the neonatal intensive care unit. 

Slavin said JCCC met each of her needs when she returned to college. 

“All the people I interacted with truly did their best to help me as a student achieve a career I’d always wanted,” she said. “JCCC’s tuition is affordable. The class sizes are small. Students get personal attention from professors. There are many activities you can be part of on campus. Plus, the education JCCC provided to me is comparable to any four-year university.” 

Slavin can’t explain it, but she says nursing runs in her family. Her mother was a nurse, her two oldest daughters are nurses and the youngest daughter is interested in nursing as well. 

“I’ve never pushed nursing as a career to any of my daughters, but somehow they saw the rewards in this profession,” Slavin said. “I don’t know how it happened, but I’m proud of my family of nurses.”