Lawrence Early Childhood Classes

Learn about little ones in Lawrence

JCCC will begin offering early childhood education classes this fall at its College Close to Home site in Lawrence

The classes will be held at the Lawrence Centennial School, 2145 Louisiana St. The college already offers a variety of workforce training and technical courses at the school, including ones in computer application skills and developmental math. 

This fall, the college will offer EDUC 130, Foundations of Early Childhood Education. It will be followed next spring by EDUC 131, Early Childhood Curriculum I, and next summer by EDUC 250, Child Health, Safety and Nutrition. Each course is worth three college credits. 

The courses are designed for people who already work at day care centers and want to enhance their skills, said Loralee Stevens, assistant dean of community outreach. They also are expected to appeal to people who plan to look for a job in an early childhood setting. 

The courses will provide "a quantifiable skill set" to present to employers, Stevens said. They also will give students a running start to earn a certificate in early childhood education if they are so inclined. 

The classes will be scheduled at 6:30 p.m. for the convenience of those who work or study during the day. 

JCCC offers a certificate program and an associate's degree in early childhood education. The certificate program requires a total of 33 credit hours. 

For more information about the early childhood program, email Associate Professor Asiya Foster-Nelson, chair of the early childhood education program, or call her at 913-469-8500, ext. 4557. 

JCCC offers workforce and technical courses at a number of Close to Home sites on the Kansas side of the metropolitan area. The classes that the college offers in Lawrence do not overlap with the mission of the University of Kansas or its course offerings. 

For information about classes this summer or fall at Lawrence Centennial School or at other College Close to Home sites, search this site for credit courses by location. If you need assistance in enrolling, contact Student Services at 913-469-3803.