Kel Dansby

A Superlative Experience

There are internships and then there are internships. JCCC journalism student Kel Dansby landed a giant one, literally, as in with the New York Giants football organization. 

“In April 2011 I entered an internship contest with SportsNet New York’s Giants Football blog,” Dansby said. “I had to write a few mock stories about last year's draft, and they chose five finalists. I was chosen as a finalist and was up against students from Tulane, Northwestern and other major universities. I was later chosen as the intern and remained in that role until December, when I then became a full-time member of the staff.” 

Dansby was an intern with the Giants for nine months, and his initial duties included contributing two articles a week that were reviewed and then placed on the team’s website. 

He also traveled to the team’s headquarters and facilities. 

“Last summer I received a press pass to the Giants' training camp in New Jersey,” Dansby said. “I covered a few practices and checked out their facilities.” 

Oh, yes, and he also got to travel to and cover one more football event – that would be the one known as Super Bowl Week! 

“I covered Super Bowl Week, but wasn't able to obtain a press pass for the actual game,” Dansby said. “The players really weren't allowed to mingle with the press as much as when I covered the team over the summer, but on media day I covered Victor Cruz, Michael Boley and was in the back during Eli Manning’s press conference.” 

Dansby plans to return to New York for the NFL draft on April 26, then rejoin the team in the summer for training camp once again. 

Why would a Kansas student seek out an internship halfway across the country? 

“I grew up in New York City, born and raised in the Bronx,” he said. “I actually moved to Kansas with my wife so that we could be closer to her family while we finished school. I randomly drove past JCCC and decided to check it out. I was really sold on the school when I found out that it had a radio station.” 

Dansby hosts two shows on the JCCC radio station ECAV Radio: Back on the Scene, which airs at 3 p.m. Monday through Thursday, and the Kel and Coach Show, which airs at 3 p.m. Friday as part of the JCCC Athletics Hour. 

“I've loved my time at JCCC and I believe it has allowed me to gain tons of experience that will help further my career in the future,” he said. “I actually take all of my classes online, and Molly Baumgardner (adjunct associate professor and ECAV adviser) has helped me out a ton since I've started at JCCC.” 

Future plans for Dansby include transferring to the University of Kansas after completing his associate's degree, and majoring in communications while at the same time becoming a full-time sports radio host.