Brien Moylan

Teen technician

Brien Moylan said he’s glad he took automotive classes at JCCC while he was still in high school. His friends are pretty happy about it, too. 

“I guess I am now like the technician of my friend group, because they don’t know anything. ‘Hey, my car exploded. What do I do?’…They’ll call me,” Moylan said. “They’ve got a bad noise? They’ll call me, and I’ll help them if I can.” 

Moylan’s skills under the hood came from enrolling in the introductory class in automotive technology at JCCC two years ago. He liked the class so much that he enrolled in more classes. 

He’ll graduate from Blue Valley Northwest High School this year with credits not only in auto tech but also American history and advanced placement statistics, made possible through two JCCC program. 

College Now allows students to take classes at their high school for college credit, as Moylan did with his history and statistics classes. Quick Step allows students to take classes on the JCCC campus, which Moylan did for his auto tech classes. In some cases, students receive both high school credit and college credit for the same class. 

His high school counselors let him know during a classroom visit that these programs were an option, and Moylan decided to try them out. He visited with academic advisers at JCCC, and they helped him create a schedule and file the necessary paperwork to be released from high school for a few hours to attend JCCC. 

“They pretty much had answers to all my questions,” Moylan said. 

His automotive technology professors were quite helpful, too, he said. 

“I came in knowing nothing, so to me they were very knowledgeable and way helpful,” Moylan said. They taught him the basics of car maintenance and repair, the way vehicle works and the importance of precision. 

“I learned that if you are a thousandth of an inch off, the whole thing could be screwed up,” he said. 

Moylan also had the opportunity to take an engine apart and put it back together. 

He plans on attending a four-year school to get a bachelor’s degree in automotive technology. He said he’d recommend the College Now program to anyone who wants to get a head start on a college education. 

“It’s affordable, by all means, and the teachers will help you out. And they can tell you where you can go from here…because [JCCC] has a whole array of things to offer.” 

After college, Moylan said he hopes he’s working in vehicle repair as a shop foreman or in some other supervisory position. Wherever he lands, he’ll be near a vehicle. 

“That’s how I want to make my living,” he said. “I really enjoy it.”