Get free stuff

Get free stuff

March 2012

Want a free JCCC messenger bag? Or maybe a free sweatshirt with the JCCC logo proudly emblazoned on the front? Just shop at the JCCC bookstore, and those items could be yours. 

The JCCC bookstore, located on the first floor of the Student Center, has a new rewards program where customers who register for the program can earn points that can be cashed in for free merchandise. Points also can be earned with purchases at the Cavalier C-Store, the convenience store adjacent to the bookstore. 

Steve Rhodes, bookstore manager, said the program began in December of 2011, though the bookstore staff has only recently been promoting the program after the trial rollout. 

“Our function is to give back to the campus, to the faculty and to the students. And if we can have a little fun with it, then all the better,” Rhodes said. 

Like many rewards programs in grocery stores and drug stores, the rewards program is tied to a number. Customers can either use their JCCC-issued number (which starts with 000, and six numbers follow) or their 10-digit telephone number. 

How does the program work? 

  • You must register with the bookstore at its rewards site. (Even though the site was initially intended for JCCC students only, Rhodes said any customer of the bookstore may sign up using the student registration form, including faculty, staff and the general public.) 
  • The rewards program software (run by Missouri Book Sellers) will send patrons an email confirming their enrollment in the program. 
  • Each time customers buy items at the C-Store or bookstore, they must have their JCCC identification cards swiped at the register. If customers don’t have their card, they can tell the cashier the number associated with their account before the transaction begins. (“The system does not allow us to credit accounts after the fact, so it’s very important that the transaction starts with customer telling us that rewards number,” Rhodes said.) 
  • The MBS software will then keep track of transactions that lead to points. For every $5 spent (minimum $5 purchase required), a customer earns one point. For every $10 sold in a book buyback transaction, a customer can also earn one point.
  • Points can be redeemed for selected bookstore merchandise. Currently, the catalog offers eight items, from a messenger bag  (20 points) to a JCCC jacket (250 points). 
  • Once customers redeem their points online, they may take the order number to the bookstore to receive the reward. 

When students bought books online in January, they were asked if they wanted to join the rewards program. If they agreed, they might already have enough points to get a reward, Rhodes said. 

Currently, the program has “a good thousand” members, said Justin Foley, course material supervisor at the bookstore. “People have been very receptive to it,” he said. 

Rhodes credits the bookstore staff for the extra work needed to get the program going. While MBS handled the nuts and bolts of the system, the bookstore staff needed to design a logo for the program, to decide upon rewards items and to take photos of them, and lastly, they needed to get the word out to customers who were eligible. 

Rhodes said the offerings in the catalog are bound to change and expand as more people join the program.