JCCC students will now be able to order their transcripts online.

The college has switched from a paper form to an Internet-based system that sends transcripts electronically.

Students can log into MyJCCC using their username and password, then click on the “Transcript Requests” link on the left side of the screen.

The new system uses an outside vendor called Docufide. Docufide already handles transcripts for K-12 schools in Kansas, and a grant given to the Kansas Board of Regents allowed some higher-education institutions in Kansas to make the switch, too.

JCCC registrar Leslie Quinn said the new system should significantly shorten the amount of time it takes to get the transcript to the intended recipient.

“Previously, it had taken a week or more for a transcript to be delivered through the postal service,” Quinn said. “There’s the physical process of handling the envelope, having it go through the mailroom, be mailed, then arrive at another mailroom, maybe get misdirected to the wrong person or the wrong floor – in this system, the transcript is sent directly as an email and only to the person authorized to receive it.”

Paper transcript requests were previously used, Quinn said, because a signature was required to release the transcript. Consequently, the only way transcripts could be ordered was by obtaining a form from the college and either faxing, mailing or hand-delivering that form to the registrar’s office.

Docufide found a solution to that problem. Within its system, people requesting transcripts still must provide their signature, but they can use the mouse to sign their name within a computer field.

The new process is more earth-friendly as well, since it eliminates paper and envelopes. It also will help the college cut costs, since those items – and the postage to send it – will no longer be necessary, Quinn said.

“One key initiative here at the college is to decrease our carbon footprint,” she said, “and this initiative does just that.”

Transcripts sent electronically to colleges within Kansas are free to JCCC students. Electronic transcripts sent to colleges that are outside Kansas but are a part of the Docufide consortium are also free.

For all other transcript requests, including requests for a paper transcript to be sent to any recipient by mail, Docufide will charge a processing fee of $2.55 or $4.25.

Details are available online.

During the process, students can log back into the computer system and check on the status of their transcript order. These status updates have been made popular with other online retailers like so customers know when their order is fulfilled and delivered.

“Let’s say someone is researching transfer schools late at night, and as they finish the application process, they need to order transcripts,” Quinn said. “They can now order transcripts in their pajamas from home. Can’t beat that!”