Computer-aided Drafting and Design

Computer-Aided Drafting and Design

For everything manufactured or constructed, a skilled technician had to develop specifications and drawings. You can learn those skills in programs like JCCC's computer-aided drafting and design (CAD).

Drafting technicians are engineering communication specialists who apply mathematics, computer applications and manual skills to develop specifications and drawings for the manufacturing and construction of virtually everything made in the world. Industrial growth and increasingly complex design problems will greatly increase the demand for design and drafting services, particularly using CAD software. Employers are most interested in applicants with drafting and mechanical skills, a background in CAD techniques and courses in math, science and engineering technology.

JCCC's drafting technology program offers up-to-date equipment and departmental specialty courses. You learn the skills necessary to produce detailed shop drawings, land plats, erection drawings and designs for manufacturing, production, commercial building and site construction as well as detailed drawings and designs of components, assemblies and systems used in manufactured products.

JCCC offers an associate of applied science degree in computer-aided drafting and design. The 64-credit-hour program enables you to use the latest computer-aided design software. Course projects and laboratory procedures are similar to those used in industry.

A12-hour computer-aided drafting certificate makes it possible for those who already have a drafting or engineering degree, or those who have sufficient work experience, to obtain certification in CAD.

For more information about JCCC's computer-aided drafting and design program, email Tom Hughes or call him at 913-469-8500, ext. 3901.