“These three collaborative works each showcased an expression of human experience in gratifying performances that were inventive and stimulating.”
- The Kansas City Star

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8 p.m. Yardley Hall

A collaboration where the JCCC Performing Arts Series commissions choreographers Robert Moses, Penny Saunders and Amy Seiwert to create original works for three local dance companies: Wylliams/Henry Contemporary Dance, Owen/Cox Dance Group and The Kansas City Ballet.

Michael Uthoff, artistic adviser | Inspired by Dance St. Louis

Community events are planned throughout the month of September to celebrate dance.

Sponsored in part by George H. Langworthy Sr.

Local Dance Studio Showcase at 6:45 p.m.

    Arts Education

    New Dance Partners – The Ultimate Collaboration

    Sept. 22-27 | community events, artist discussions, performances

    Join a conversation with nationally recognized choreographers Robert Moses, Penny Saunders and Amy Seiwert. Explore their creative process and insight to career paths in choreography and dance. Learn how the choreographic process relates to daily life.

    This educational outreach event is connected with the 2014 New Dance Partners, an annual dance event hosted by the Performing Arts Series. The event includes premiere performances of commissioned dance works by Moses, Saunders and Siewart in collaboration with local dance companies, Wylliams/Henry Contemporary Dance, Owen/Cox Dance Group and The Kansas City Ballet.

    Professional Development for Teachers Sept. 22-25

    For more information, email Angel Mercier, Arts Education program director, or call her at 913-469-8500, ext. 4221.