Current Performances

  • March, 2015

  • 'The Merchant of Venice'

    The Merchant of Venice

    Thursday-Sunday, March 26-29
    The Jewish moneylender Shylock makes a loan to Antonio. Their loan contract, steeped in prejudice and centered on a “pound of flesh,” sweeps the two men and everyone in their worlds into chaos. Only the insightful Portia can imagine a way forward, but for her and those she loves, even “the quality of mercy” has its limits.


    Friday and Saturday, March 27 and 28
    The irrepressible Moses Pendleton presents Alchemia, his new work for the dazzling dancer-illusionists of MOMIX.
  • April, 2015

  • David Lindley

    David Lindley

    Saturday, April 4
    David Lindley
  • Ukulele Orchestra of Great Britain

    Ukulele Orchestra of Great Britain

    Sunday, April 12
    Barnstorming stage performance, impromptu jams and guerrilla gigs ... they’re like Monty Python with ukuleles!
  • Sawyer Brown

    An Evening With Sawyer Brown

    Saturday, April 18
    Saturday, April 18 - Presented by the Cohen Community Series
  • May, 2015

  • Michael Feinstein

    Michael Feinstein

    Saturday, May 9
    Michael Feinstein
  • June, 2015

  • Michael Feinstein

    Michael Feldman's

    Saturday, June 27
    Michael Feldman's
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    $5 JCCC Student Tickets