RN Refresher History

Several years ago, Jeanne Walsh, the program director for the JCCC nursing program at that time, asked several faculty members to develop a course for registered nurses (RNs) who had been away from the patient care arena, but who found themselves now interested in returning. This was in response to a growing number of requests from nurses in the area who, although motivated to return to patient care only when they felt safe and well prepared, had been unsuccessful in their search for such a course.

The faculty members charged with developing the RN Refresher course kept uppermost in their minds the fact that participants in this course will have already completed an approved nursing program, passed the NCLEX and gathered, in most cases, years of clinical experience caring for patients. With a healthy respect for the knowledge and experience our course participants already have, faulty took great care not to "re-teach" what had already been learned, but rather to help pull that knowledge to the forefront and give nurses the opportunity to brush up on their clinical skills.

The first RN Refresher Academy course was offered here at JCCC in the spring of 2005. Every semester the course is modified based upon the dynamic world of healthcare and upon the valuable feedback from RN Refresher Academy alumni, faculty and staff nurses. Hundreds of nurses have participated in the course since it began, and have brought with them to the patient care arena, the wisdom and perspective that only comes with life experience.