Take a virtual campus tour

August 6, 2016

JCCC partners with YouVisit to show the college inside and out

When you have 22 buildings scattered over 234 acres, as JCCC does, that can be somewhat daunting for new and potential students.

Therefore, the college has partnered with YouVisit, a leading virtual reality company with one of the largest collections of interactive virtual reality content, to create a virtual tour of all of the buildings on the main campus, inside and out.

“We looked at many virtual tour providers and landed with YouVisit because this is the only thing they do – and they do it quite well,” said Pete Belk, program director of Admissions. “The interface is easy for the user to navigate. Not only do they hear a brief description of each tour stop, but they see photos, videos and great-looking 360-degree panoramas at each stop. It is truly like the visitor is on campus. To enhance that feeling even more, users can put on virtual reality head gear and immerse themselves in the experience.”

Users also have the option to register on the site, schedule a visit to the campus and apply online. And, if a visitor already knows where they want to go, they can select any location by using the list or by clicking directly on the map.

“We’ve been live for just over a month and have had more than 1,000 virtual visitors from 34 states and 32 countries,” said Belk. “There is no way we could have provided them a comprehensive look at campus without this virtual tour. There are nearly 5,000 colleges and universities in the U.S. YouVisit allows a prospective student to get as close to an on-campus experience as possible without having to visit in person.”

Belk said the online tour will enhance students’ experience once they are physically on campus.

“They have a better feel for the layout of the campus, an understanding of our programs and can ask informed questions during their on-campus tour,” he said. 

“Also, visitors can launch the tour when on campus after hours. The campus map on the tour is powered by Google Maps and can help visitors navigate their way around campus when no one is here to provide directions.”

“My YouVisit helped,” said liberal arts major Carlita Washington. “I'm concerned about where my classes are located. The classes I am enrolled in now have a 10-minute break in between the next class and I'm concerned that I might not be able to make it to my next class within 10 minutes, depending on where the buildings are.”

The experience impelled early childhood education major Jonathan Hahn to turn the virtual into the actual.

“The virtual tour helped me get a better overview of where all of the buildings are,” he said. “I have since actually toured the campus, and I like how it is laid out.”