February 22, 2015

Presenting JCCC's brand new website

It’s fat-free, gluten-free and will erase that stubborn stain on your favorite jeans. Well, maybe not, but it is new and improved and designed to better meet our students’ needs.

Notice the navigation above that big photo. Let’s take a tour of the highlights:

About: All the information you need about JCCC, our campus, our buildings, our board of trustees and maps.

Academics & Training: Find online classes, peruse the course catalog, and choose from among 15 categories to find just the right field of study. You can also check out the scholarly research our faculty and staff are working on.

Admissions: Here’s your first step to becoming a Cavalier! Apply to JCCC and learn about receiving financial aid, enrolling in classes, paying for classes and taking placement tests. Explore what we have to offer our unique populations including high school students, veterans, international students and our 60+ students who understand that there’s no time limit on learning.

Student Resources: Got a question? This is your go-to place to find all the answers about:

  • Academic and personal counseling: Get the most bang for your buck and prepare yourself for transferring to a four-year college if that’s your goal.
  • Technical support:  We can help with lots of things – especially if you forget your password.
  • Campus life: Get involved. There’s so much happening every day at JCCC!
  • Records. Consult the student handbook, request transcripts, update your personal information and more.
  • Police & Safety: JCCC’s police officers are dedicated to keeping our people safe and our campus comfortable. They can also help if you need any first aid or have lost anything.
  • Tutoring & Accessibility: We give you many opportunities to enhance your learning experience with free tutoring, studying for the GED, or brushing up on your note-taking skills
  • Graduation: You did it! Find out how to apply for graduation and where and when you get to walk off that stage with a diploma.

Professional Resources:  Get help with starting or growing your business, train your staff on all the latest best business practices, and check out the customized training you can tailor to meet your needs.

Community Resources: This is your college!

  • Youth programs: Keep your kids learning all year long.
  • Speakers Bureau: Check here if you need an expert to talk to your community group.
  • CLEAR: This program provides non- credit classes for adults with mild developmental disabilities.
  • Community services: Visit the cosmetology salon for hair, nail and skin beautification; get some truly awesome treats at the pastry shop; then protect that winning smile by visiting our dental hygiene clinic.
JCCC has so much to offer everyone in our community. Our whole campus has been involved with this redesign process, but we couldn’t have done it without the help of our students telling us what they need the most. Thanks for being a part of what makes JCCC exceptional!