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Gilman Scholarship and Italy (1 min., 47 sec.)

Top Ten Reasons to Study Abroad (1 min.)

Academic Differences (1.5 min.)

Overcoming Fear of the Unknown (1 min.)

Student Housing Abroad (1.5 min.)

Travel Opportunities (1 min., 10 sec.)

Gilman Scholarship and Argentina (2 min.)

Impact of Studying Abroad and Japan (2 min.)

Studying in North Africa (1.5 min.)

Studying in Japan (3 min., 15 sec.)

Studying in Ghana (2 min., 45 sec.)

Host Family in Costa Rica (2 min.)

Why Study Abroad?

JCCC Student in Africa

"I have fallen in love with West Africa and I think Africa in general. I now know that I could work and live a very simple life in the developing world. I really didn't know what to expect coming out but I have learned so much."

-- JCCC study abroad student in Ghana

JCCC Student Studying in Greece

"I learned so much more about life, people, and myself in Greece than I ever have at home. It was wonderful, the best experience."

-- JCCC study abroad student in Greece

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