Intercultural Semester

Interested in other cultures and languages but can't spend a year abroad? JCCC's Intercultural Semester gives you the opportunity to go global while staying local. You'll get some of the language preparation and cultural immersion usually associated with study abroad without leaving JCCC.

Students who enroll in the Intercultural Semester will have an opportunity to interact on a regular basis with members of another culture, work in an intercultural environment and study in a cluster of courses that focus on a specific culture.

At the end of the semester, you may choose to participate in an intercultural short-term study abroad program, where you can apply your semester's experience in the culture you choose.

Program components include:

Intercultural Course Clusters
Each student will study Intercultural Communication (SPD 180) and Intercultural Application (SOC 200). Intercultural Communication (SPD 180) will teach you how to communicate across cultures, and it satisfies your speech requirement. Intercultural Application (SOC 200) will provide first-hand experiences in relating to other cultures, and will give you the chance to reflect on and understand your experiences.

Students may wish to enhance their semester by enrolling in additional courses such as a foreign language, a history course of the area that you are interested in, international relations, comparative government, introduction to international business, cultural anthropology, world cultures, global resources or world humanities.

Language and Culture Partners
Students will be paired with a language and culture partner from the area they are studying. Partners will have a minimum of 20 hours of structured time to discuss various aspects of the target culture and to compare it with the United States.

Internship/Service Learning
Student may choose between an internship in an international business and a service-learning experience in a local agency. You will spend at least 20 hours in one of these environments with people from the target culture.

Intensive Weekend Retreat
Students will participate in an intercultural retreat at a Kansas City area site. Special workshops, speakers and intercultural simulations will intensify your learning. This retreat brings together international and American students, and is paid for by JCCC. Not only will you learn a lot, but you'll have a lot of fun and make some new friends.

Scholarship for Study Abroad
Students who complete all aspects of the program are eligible for a $400 study abroad scholarship to be applied to one of JCCC's study abroad programs.

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