International Education

Study Abroad
Studying abroad is one of the most exciting and enriching opportunities you'll have while you're in college. You'll be amazed at how much you'll learn about yourself, the world and the subjects that you're studying while you explore another culture.

Intercultural Semester
Interested in other cultures and languages but can't spend a year abroad? JCCC's intercultural semester gives you the opportunity to go global while staying local.

Intercultural Studies
On the Overland Park campus, JCCC offers students opportunities to study the languages, cultures and histories of many countries.

International Service Learning
JCCC's international service-learning project is based in Santa Rosa, a village inside the larger town of Las Pintas, Mexico. The project works with the community center El Centro Integral Comunitario. In addition to providing medical and social services, the El Centro staff assists residents of Santa Rosa by modeling ways to improve daily life and by mentoring community residents who then help others.

Faculty-Led Education Abroad Programs
JCCC faculty led shorter-term education abroad programs to a variety of foreign locales.

Faculty Opportunities
As part of its ongoing efforts to internationalize the campus and the curriculum, JCCC provides opportunities for faculty and staff to participate in international professional conferences and exchange programs that enhance their knowledge and understanding of other cultures.

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