Apply and Enroll Process for International and Immigrant Students

Application Process

  • Apply Online at this link.
  • Create your unique username and password and follow the instructions online.
  • Enter your name on your application exactly as it appears on your passport.
    • Application materials are filed alphabetically under the family/sur/last name on the application.
    • If an I-20 is issued, the name will be shown as it is listed on your passport.
  • You are required to enter an email address.

Notification of Application Completion

  • You will receive a notification by email including your new JCCC email address within 5 business days.
  • JCCC is an open admission institution. This means that all students who apply for general admission are accepted. Students applying for selective degree programs that accept only a select number of students, will be issued an I-20 only after being accepted by that degree program.
  • To determine the status of your application processing, you can review your admission status online at by logging in to your MyJCCC account and following the instructions provided in your application receipt notification email.
  • Questions
    • Contact us by email at international and immigrant student services office or call our office at 913-469-7680 to inquire.
    • Note: Some email servers recognize JCCC email as spam or junk/garbage mail and automatically reject it. Should you not receive an acceptance notification due to a server rejection or for any other reason, a manual message or letter may be sent.


  • MyJCCC is a secure web-based information system that provides you information regarding the status of your admission as well as access to your JCCC email account, course schedule, grades/marks, services on campus such as the bookstore for preordering books and much more.

I-20 Issuance

  • An I-20 will be issued after all I-20 required documents have been received and accepted by JCCC, by the appropriate deadline.
  • If you are applying for a selective admission program, your I-20s won't be issued until you have been admitted to the selective admission program and having satisfied all I-20 requirements.

Definitions of General Admission, Selective Admission and Enrollment

    • General admission means JCCC has accepted your general application to become a student of the college.
    • Selective admission means some certificate or training programs have additional, competitive admission requirements. There is a limited number of students the program can accept each semester. Therefore, not all applicants are accepted for selective admission programs. Refer to the list of  selective admission programs.
    • Enrollment is the act of registering or enrolling in one’s chosen courses/classes.

Transcript and Transfer Information

For information about transcript requirements, transferring foreign college credit to satisfy JCCC requirements, transferring JCCC credits to another U.S. college and transferring other U.S. college credits to JCCC, refer to transfer credit.


Students generally enroll online via their MyJCCC account. Instructions for Web enrollment are located in the front section of the current credit class schedule. You may enroll over the phone by calling 913-469-3803 or going in person to the Student Success Center 253 and providing their JCCC ID number and PIN, and course registration number (CRNs) from the current credit class schedule.

Prerequisite Requirements for Some Classes

  • Some classes have prerequisite requirements before you can enroll in them. Until that requirement is satisfied, you will not be allowed to enroll in those classes.
  • If any classes require you to physically be on campus for class meetings, testing, etc., you should not enroll in those classes unless you will be able to do so.

Contact Us IISS

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Fax: 913-469-7681
Mailing Address:
JCCC International and Immigrant Services Office
Box 30
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Mon.-Fri. 8 a.m.-5 p.m.
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Julie Pitts,
program director

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