Human Resources Employee List

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  • Kelly Byfield, administrative assistant
  • Connie Brickner, benefits specialist
  • Becky Centlivre, Human Resources executive director
  • Ruth Dey, Wellness coordinator
  • Debbie Eisenhower, Staff Development/Human Resources coordinator
  • Brian Evans, manager of employment services/employee relations
  • Lisa Gates, benefits specialist
  • Judy Gobely, employment services assistant
  • Barbara Greenwood, administrative assistant
  • Judy Korb, executive vice president, COO
  • Dawn Lewis, administrative assistant
  • Cathy Misenhelter, manager compensation/Human Resources systems 
  • Sandy Nellor, employment services assistant
  • Mary Nero, associate council, policy/compliance
  • Marilee Nickelson, administrative assistant
  • Ann Perry, employment services assistant
  • Joshua Smith, employee specialist
  • Lisa Sullivan, benefits specialist
  • Tanya Wilson, general counsel
  • Jerry Zimmerman, benefits manager

Contact Human Resources

Phone: 913-469-8500, ext. 3877
Campus Mailbox:
GEB 274
Dept. Email:

Department Administrator
Judy Korb, PhD, executive vice president, COO

Executive Director, Human Resources
Becky Centlivre

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