Adjunct Faculty Compensation

Full-time Faculty Overload & Summer Pay Schedule
Part-time Adjunct Pay Schedule
Fall 2014, Spring & Summer 2015

Per Credit Hour

No. of
Assoc. Degree or

w/ Prof.Cert.
Bachelor* Master* Specialist* Doctorate*
1-2 $859 $885 $923 $939 $957
3-6 $885 $915 $953 $975 $997
7-10 $915 $953 $997 $1,011 $1,034
11+ $953 $988 $1,028 $1,039 $1,064

* An additional rate per course will be paid to faculty teaching in the College Close to Home program as determined annually by the college.

Substitute Pay - $27.50/hour (no increase)

Because the degree is considered in determining salary, JCCC requires a certified transcript documenting your highest degree status. Your transcript will be retained as a confidential document in your permanent personnel file.

It is your responsibility to be sure an official transcript for the highest degree you hold is on file in the Human Resources office. The college reserves the right to withhold payment to you pending receipt of your certified transcript.

Contact Human Resources

Phone: 913-469-3877
Campus Mailbox:
GEB 274
Dept. Email:

Department Administrator
Judy Korb, PhD, executive vice president, COO

Executive Director, Human Resources
Becky Centlivre

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