Hospitality Management Department Goals

Johnson County Community College’s strategic goals:

  1. We will inspire successful learning!
  2. We will innovate!
  3. We will lead!
  4. We will engage in quality operations!

The Hospitality Department supports these goals through it's own departmental goals in five areas: Curriculum, Faculty, Industry, Facilities and Alumni. 


  1. Constantly challenge curriculum to ensure cutting edge education with continuous review and revision of curriculum to reflect changing needs of students and industry
  2. Continue to strengthen sustainability concepts and practices in management, culinary and lab coursework while constantly working to make our kitchens more sustainable
  3. To utilize and/or acquire applicable industry specific software or technology for instructional and student use so graduates are current in commonly used industry technology applications.


  1. Hiring and maintaining the most qualified and industry current faculty and staff.
  2. Continued focus on staff development so instructors continue to be in current industry certifications and standards, industry and educational trends, classroom management and personal enrichment.
  3. All instructors attain relevant industry certifications.
  4. Make  JCCC “Changing Lives Through Learning” a focus within the department


  1. To maximize/strengthen students work experience in the industry while they are enrolled in the programs. Directly correlating and enhancing learning outcomes.
  2. To increase the “global” presence of the programs through student exchanges, partnerships, internships and curriculum.   
  3. To further strengthen the programs ties to industry for the benefit of the students in areas such as networking, career opportunities, career exploration, and curriculum development. Continue industry involvement through partnerships, mentoring and classroom speakers.


  1. To have the best learning environment for our students and faculty. 
  2. To acquire and maintain a state of the art facilities, instructional equipment and materials for the continuance of our status as one of the top programs in the country.
  3. To expand and upgrade labs and classrooms to accommodate expanding enrollment so qualified students are not turned away. Not larger class size but more classes offered.


  1. To continue and expand professional relationships with our graduates, for opportunities with the program, industry and possible mentoring of current students.

Cooking with Class and Master Chef Series

Cooking with Class

Cooking with Class and Master Chef Series videos show you step-by-step directions with new recipes.

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