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Chef Apprenticeship

As the public's interest in food continues to grow, so does the demand for trained chefs. The chef apprenticeship program at JCCC is sponsored by the American Culinary Federation, the Greater Kansas City Chefs Association and the U.S. Department of Labor. The three-year program consists of 6,000 hours of training under an American Culinary Federation chef member as well as formal coursework. It is the first program in the United States to receive American Culinary Federation Educational Institute accreditation.

The JCCC chef apprenticeship program features a heavy emphasis on food preparation. Courses include advanced food preparation, baking and garde manger (cold-food preparation).

Students also receive a solid background in management, with courses in supervisory management, hospitality accounting, menu planning, purchasing, beverage control and advanced hospitality management.

Information Sessions - before you start the program you will need to schedule an information session. Contact Ona Ashley, 913-469-8500, ext. 4160.

Cooking with Class and Master Chef Series

Cooking with Class

Cooking with Class and Master Chef Series videos show you step-by-step directions with new recipes.

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