Honors Program: Dig Deeper, Aim Higher

Honors Program Policies


Students who qualify for admission to the honors program should complete an application, submit it to the honors program office, and schedule an interview with the honors program director.


In order to remain in the honors program, students must maintain a 3.5 GPA and demonstrate consistent progress toward graduating from the honors program and from JCCC. Students are expected to achieve a C or better in all honors coursework.

Scholarship Eligibility

Students newly selected to receive the honors scholarship will not be awarded the funds if their cumulative GPA falls below 3.5 during the semester before the scholarship begins.

Probation Semester

If a current honors students’ cumulative GPA drops below 3.5, they may be allowed one semester to raise their overall grades. Students should contact the honors program director to discuss alternatives should this situation occur. If students are unable to raise their GPA after the one semester “grace period,” they will be dropped from the program. Extenuating circumstances will be considered on an individual basis.

Withdrawal from Honors Coursework

Any student who wishes to withdraw from an honors course or honors contract should contact the Honors program director to discuss implications. Withdrawing may affect funding for scholarship recipients.

Dropping Honors

If a student is unable to complete requirements of the honors program, he or she should notify the office immediately. It is suggested that the student meet with the honors program director and/or the honors program adviser as the decision may have implications for scholarship eligibility and transfer to a four-year college.

Attending Conferences and Publishing Work

Students who wish to attend/present at honors conferences or have work published on ScholarSpace will be selected based on the merit of their work. Submit papers/projects to the Honors Program director.

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Patricia Decker
Program Director
913-469-8500, ext. 2512
Location: COM 201

Cheryl Slaugh
Administrative Asst.
913-469-8500, ext. 2434
Location: COM 201

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