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JCCC Honors Symposium

The Symposium is intended to provide students with presentation experience in an informal, relaxed atmosphere, and allow them to share the results of their work with fellow students in the Honors Program, friends, family, and faculty. 

Listed below is a sample of paper/projects presented at previous symposia: 

  • A Picture of Bankruptcy: Through the Lens of Kodak by Michelle Wiles
  • Energy Efficiency of JCCC Campus Buildings by Donna Sanders
  • Compassion, Are You Still There? by Jasin Wang
  • One People, One Nation, One Korea by Sulgi Yoon
  • Myasthenia Gravis by Marcela de Carvalho
  • Molecular Cuisine by Bruna Iacuzzi
  • The Influence of Intercultural Exchange on its Participants by Lara Blomberg
  • 1968: The Purpose and Effects of Television and Music by Joy Mosier-Dubinsky
  • Media in the Hunger Games by Mary Anne Matos
  • Gracefully Surrendering the Things of Youth by Travis Conner
  • Japanese Textiles: Three Ancient Art Forms by Adrielle Hanes

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