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Honors Interdisciplinary Course

Students who wish to graduate from the honors program may take one interdisciplinary course: a class which involves two or more academic disciplines. If a course listed below as an interdisciplinary class is required for a student’s associate’s degree, that course may also fulfill the honors requirement.

Please note that not all courses may be offered every semester.

ANTH 130  World Cultures

BIOL 124  Oceanus: Essentials of Oceanography

BIOL 155  Introduction to Bioethics

ENGL 244  Literature of American Popular Music

ENGL 250  World Masterpieces

GEOS 145  World Regional Geography

HUM 145  Introduction to World Humanities I 

HUM 146  Introduction to World Humanities II

HUM 167  Introduction to Japanese Culture

ITMD 231  Furniture and Ornamentation: Renaissance to Modern 

LEAD 130  Leadership and Civic Engagement 

LCOM 140  Selling Interior Products 

LCOM 165  American History / Family History

PHYS 191  Math and Physics for Games I

REL 120  Exploring World Religions

SPD 180  Intercultural Communications 

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