Honors Program Requirements

Students wishing to graduate from the honors program will meet the following requirements:

  • Complete at least one Honors class. Honors classes available each semester include English Composition I and English Composition II. In addition, Introductory Psychology, Public Speaking, US History to 1877, and US History after 1877 are offered on a yearly basis.
  • Complete a total of 4 honors classes and contracts. A contract is a one-credit hour extension of a regular class. 
  • Present one honors paper or project in a public forum such as the JCCC honors symposium or at a state regional or national conference.
  • Complete 1 Honors Forum class (3 credit hours)
  • Complete two (2) of the following:
  • Meet all requirements to graduate with an associate’s degree and maintain a cumulative 3.5 GPA

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Patricia Decker
Program Director
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Location: COM 201

Cheryl Slaugh
Administrative Asst.
913-469-8500, ext. 2434
Location: COM 201

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